Extreame cases of matted dogs will only be fully clipped off - This is not an easy option its usually the Only option !! 

  Grooming prices vary by breed, size, coat condition, and pet's temperment. 

    Nail's trimmed.       

Ear's cleaning (if needed).

 Just a brush - the coat is brushed out to remove loose coat. ( not for matted coats).

Bath and nails - bathed, dryed, brush and nail's done.

Bath and tidy - bath, dryed, brush and nail's eyes feet bum trimmed.

Full groom - all of the above and hair cut.


 Regular grooming promotes healthy skin and coat. In order for an animal’s coat to remain shiny and reduced shedding it requires brushing to remove the dead coat and dander. This brushing will stimulate the healthy oils in the skin, promote new coat growth and lessen the shedding.

 For more information, prices or to book an appointment please phone

07857 274 478 


Please ensure your pet has been exercised and given the opportunity to go to the toilet prior to grooming.