Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the way in which I work and groom your dogs has
changed dramatically. Whilst I will be adhering to the strictest guidelines to reduce the spread
of the disease.

It must be clearly understood that clients wishing to have their dogs groomed at this time, do so at their own risk and must agree to the terms and conditions.
Anybody self-isolating, classed as vulnerable or showing any symptoms, MUST NOT
under any circumstances attend a grooming appointment.

On arrival all clients must follow all hygiene procedures put in place to minimise cross contamination.
Clients are now responsible for safely securing their own dog, when dropping
off either via pen or hook-up system. All harnesses, collars and leads must be removed and
taken home.

I require at least 24hrs notice of cancellations, failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee
payable before any further appointments can be made. I can now only accept remote
payments, which must be made prior to collection of your dog. You MUST drop off/pick up at the
stated time. Only one client is permitted in the salon at a time. Times are purposely staggered
to ensure this. Any dogs arriving late may have to be rebooked and a late fee will apply to cover
loss of earnings. Uncollected dogs will be charged a sitting fee as this may result in the next
client having to be postponed or even cancelled!

Before the grooming procedure can begin, as a precaution, your dog will be misted down with
a pet safe, non-toxic, non-irritant anti-viral spray. However, it must be understood that if in the
unlikely event a reaction occurred, I cannot be held liable.

It's a client's responsibility to ensure their dog is fit and healthy and must notify me of any
issues prior to their appointment. Grooming of sick or elderly dogs is entirely at the owners'
risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that I cannot be held liable for.
Whilst every care and attention is given to your dog they are accepted at your own risk. My first
concern is the welfare of your pet, so in the event of illness or injury a vet may be called in and
unless it can be clearly shown that I am liable, all costs in connection and carrying out their
instruction shall be at the owners expense. I recommend dog insurance.

All dogs must arrive thoroughly brushed/combed out, as they must now be bathed
immediately. I will try my very best to maintain the desired style, but any knotted or matted
coats will be clipped short. Dogs requiring extensive extra work may incur an extra charge.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Covid-19 - DDD Pet Salon

Handover Protocol

DDD pet salon - grooming salon under strict guidelines to follow government guidelines whilst using PPE.

There will be a full disinfection of the grooming space between each dog groom (So, please don't turn up to your appointment early, as I require this time between dogs to get workspace and equipment disinfected). I will be using Anigene HDL4V. This will take me an hour between each dog.

Groomer will be wearing PPE.

Only 1 dog to be groomed at a time unless from the same household.

Only 1 person will be allowed to drop off and collect.

All dogs must be dropped off and collected promptly at the time given.

In order to hand over your dogs during this time there will be a strict handover procedure. You will need to come to the back of the trailer the door will be open I will be 6feet away (all handles will be disinfected) for you to place your dog in the dog pen and then secure both the locks on the pen.

while keeping a distance of 6 feet/2 meters from the groomer. Then when you have left I will close the door, spray dog with Leucillin. The dog owner will need to take their leads/collar/harness away and bring them back for pick up. The same process will occur in reverse when the owner comes to collect the dog. *if your dog is to big for the dog pen then I will place a lead (lead will be disinfected) for you to put on to you dog at the back door of the trailer*

Thank you!

All dogs will be disinfected with ‘Leucillin’ disinfectant.

All Grooms to be payed by bank transfer if possible.

Please be aware grooming may take a bit longer at this time and wait times may be longer than usual for appointments.

I hope you will all be understanding at this time. All the procedures are in place to keep us all safe.

Thank you, DDD pet salon